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Talents Affinity is the first collaborative webapp that enables human resources teams to identify the skills of a company’s workforce


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“Our fund raising with SparkUp allowed us to find a key investor for the success of Talents Affinity.”

Myriam Goude, Founder @ Talents Affinity

The Interview
Why did you trust SparkUp ?
I decided to launch a SparkUp campaign because I felt we shared the same goals. They were as motivated as I in raising my funding goal. Their flexibility and speed were also strong points. Also, their offer is unique in the crowdfunding space and much better suited for a BtoB company like Talents Affinity.
What made the success of your campaign ?
The participation of my network greatly contributed to the success of my campaign. It is the introduction by one of my friends to his boss that was the key turning point, this contact of a contact invested 100% of the funding sought and became a true business partner.
What would you tell entrepreneurs who are hesitant about SparkUp ?
An entrepreneur must be able to take smart risks and starting a SparkUp campaign is one of them. Indeed there are virtually no downsides while the upside is to finance your company and change scale.Also running a SparkUp campaign teaches you a lot about marketing and sales in the digital era. I learnt tips and tricks which will help Talents Affinity’s sales efforts. For example, I discovered that a short but intense outbound effort yields much stronger results than lower intensity but more prolonged ones.

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