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Structure offering trading, investment advice and services in the collection automobiles sector.


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“With the efficiency of SparkUp’s tool, I raised €75000 in 20 minutes.”

Gonzague Ruchaud and Stanislas Gurdjian, Founders @ Eleven Cars

The Interview
Why did you decide to trust SparkUp ?
A friend of mine suggested I should use SparkUp for my fundraising. We had already thought of using our network to raise money, but we didn’t know any way to do it professionally before we heard of SparkUp. I immediately liked the way SparkUp works: it’s targeted, quick and efficient. What I enjoyed most is that the whole process is so easy to go through, it allows you to reach efficiently a targeted group of people, it’s full of effective tools and the project page is a modern way to communicate which is less intrusive than attached documents.
What made the success of you campaign?
Contacting people from my network who are interested in my company’s issues, I think. People who’ve been most receptive to my campaign were indeed people who follow my company, people who appreciate old cars and cars aficionados. The person who answered within 20 minutes and decided to invest 75 000€, which is the total amount of money that I was looking for is actually a client of mine.

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