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“I got 280% of my funding goal through my funding campaign”

Stéphane Deubel, Founder @ Cavacave

The Interview
Why did you decide to trust SparkUp?
Since Jeremy pitched about SparkUp and crowd funding during a Meetup event I attended, I had been interested in crowdfunding. And then, someone I trust suggested I should use SparkUp to raise funds.
I was first convinced by the success fees. It’s riskless and a SparkUp campaign can only have a positive impact: even if I had failed at raising money, I would have communicated about Cavacave and I would have activated my network.
Do you recommend crowdfunding?
Yes, and I’ve recommended it already several times. I think companies have nothing to lose and everything to gain running a fundraising campaign with SparkUp. SparkUp’s best asset is probably that it allows you to talk to everybody, and particularly to people you’d never thought to be interested. It boosts self-confidence, and it proves you and your company have impacted people when you find out that someone you worked with a long time ago wants to invest. It’s riskless, and it’s a cool way to communicate, letting your network know how your company is going, connecting again with some people and generating business opportunities.

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