Tips to make your crowdfunding campaign stand out!

Crowdfunding has revolutionised the way start-ups raise funds. This method allows a new venture to reach out to potential investors directly. The investors are not accredited, vetted investors; anyone who likes your idea can fund it. Owing to this democratisation, crowdfunding attracts a large crowd of investors.

In the past 10 years, even major economies (UK and US) have placed the alternative funding methods in their agenda. There are many major crowdfunding platforms presently, which helps an entrepreneur pick and choose the way they want to fundraise. Many renowned platforms such as IndieGOGO, Kickstarter, CrowdCube, Seedrs and CrowdFunder help a new venture raise funds by hosting their crowdfunding campaigns. The entrepreneurs can reach the investors globally; they are able to sell their ideas and find backers by crossing borders.

There are 1000s of campaigns in these platforms and they all need funding. So what will make your campaign stand out? How can you differentiate your campaign and highlight that differentiator?

Your funders should like the idea

Communicate your idea, your passion, or your product to your investors. Investors in a crowdfunding platform are not professional investors who crunch numbers and research the market to see whether your idea is worth the effort. They are investors looking to fund a potentially successful, game-changing, useful venture. They will fund your venture if they have relatability to your idea for the project. Demonstrate how determined you are to make your product a success; communicate how confident you feel about your product.

Tell your story!

Everyone likes to hear about how a product was created, the inspirations, and the challenges. Share your story on how you created your product and how you decided to follow your passion. Create a good “narrative”. Your narration should reflect your positivity and push your selling point upfront. Connect with your audience in a heartfelt way. Your backers look for a reason to believe in you, to fund you.

Create unique content for your campaign

Creating content for your campaign is as crucial as creating the campaign. Your content should not be copied or plagiarized in any way. Add visuals and video demos for the campaign. This will help a great deal in branding your campaign. Share your campaign in social media to understand points of improvements. Branding your campaign with unique content will enable you to promote your campaign with ease.

A good Campaign takes effort!

Once you start a campaign on a platform, it is just the start. Updating the campaign page with latest data and developing the content to make it engaging is very important in jumpstarting your campaign and putting it on the radar of potential investors.Spend quality time in creating and updating the campaign page. Add media to your campaign page such as photos and videos; orient these media in demonstrating what you need to convey to the investors. Building your campaign takes effort. You should plan ahead to include these efforts in your schedule.

Network with your influencers

Connect with influential individuals in your network. They maybe industry experts or a well-known business evangelist, who cab help lead your campaign in the right direction. When the right people back your campaign, your campaign’s visibility increases. This also attracts investors.