Optimize and Automate: Tips for email management

Emails often face the downside of mass communication and instead of spending most of your day dealing with unread emails and prioritising actions, one can go about making the whole ordeal less manual. We recommend: Optimisation and Automation to facilitate email management.

Automate your email management

Unroll.me: In 10 minutes you’ll eliminate, roll up your daily digest and keep or do away with bulk mailings. You also have the option to receive one email per day/per week/ per month which is a brief overview of all the daily digests and news.

Filters to auto Answer, archive or forward emails: Filters help you do a variety of things to your search criterion. Suppose you wish to see any and every email from your client on a priority, then you can simply search “from:boss@email.com” click on “Create a filter from this search”, and then “Mark as read” or “Archive”. You can also create automatic answers and auto forwards to save your precious time.

Level up with Zapier: Zapier enables you to take automation to the next level by linking your mailbox to a whole host of apps. A simple example includes how to automatically save a mail from a defined address to drop box.  Zapier is a great way to automate your email management.

Optimise your Gmail set up

Unread/Read divide: The only divide you want to know in your inbox is: Read or Unread. You can make this divide in your mailbox by changing your settings.  You can make a change in the top section and view Unread first

Activate “Mark as read” button: In the Settings > Lab look for “Mark as read button”. This will allow you to make batches of unread emails disappear without actually deleting them.

Activate “Keyboard shortcuts” and learn a few: All you have to do is go to your mailbox’s Settings > General > Keyboard shortcuts after “Desktop Notifications”. This will allow you to have a clue about the emails you are receiving. Other great shortcuts include “new message”, “Next message”, “Previous message”, “Send”, “Back to inbox”, “Go to search” etc.

Activate “Auto Next”: Settings > Lab, it moves you to the next or previous conversation when you have deleted, archived or ignored and email. Go to general to make it so it moves you to the next one. This will power your “Tunnel vision” sessions to kill emails.

Activate “Cancel sending“: In your mailbox go to Settings > General, n°5, it will create a delay of 5 to 30 seconds depending on you before actually sending an email, and create a “cancel sending” button which will appear during sending. This will act as a safety net and keep you from sending accidental mails.

Activate “Quick links”: Go to your Settings > Lab, it creates quick links to Gmail URLs such as Saved searches (for example all unread emails from the boss…) or an important email (for example your weekly or daily to-do list).