5 popular Crowdfunding platforms In France

France has emerged as the second largest crowdfunding market in Europe after the UK. Savvy entrepreneurs of today prefer crowdfunding instead of traditional financing.This has led to emergence of unique crowdfunding platforms in France. These platforms help startups and businesses to get business funding with ease. An interesting study suggest that crowdfunding has become popular in France as French households have the highest saving rates in the world. Given French people save more than 3 times as compared to US citizens, investment in interesting projects for a future ROI is only a progressive step.

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Popular crowdfunding (and lending) platforms in France:

1) Kisskissbankbank

As one of the leading sites for crowdfunding in France, Kisskissbankbank offers crowdfunding for a variety of categories. It is one of the ideal crowdfunding platforms for creative individuals. The IP of the projects remains with the creators. The creators pay back their backers in form of rewards. These rewards are decided by the project owners once they reach their funding goals.

2) Ulule

Ulule is one of the most unique crowdfunding platforms in France that brings together creative entrepreneurs for fund raising. Projects get financed only if they reach their fundraising goals. The Ulule team has achieved a success rate of 68% for crowdfunding goals. The platform gives 90 days of time to creators to raise funds.

3) Investir99

Investir99 is one of the popular and unique crowdfunding platforms. The backers can set the interest rate and they get paid back their investment on a monthly basis. as it segregates funding raising into three distinct stages. An entrepreneur must first find 99 sponsors to support his project. Then, he can present his project to potential investors. After that the entrepreneur has 12 months to get funded. The companies are selected after an in-depth audit so backers can invest in the best.

4) Smartangels

The Smartangels crowdfunding platform offers fundraisers that have a duration of 2 to 3 months. The entrepreneur company must break-even or reach close to their funding goals. The site uses a strict procedure to select projects that show potential to investors. Funding requests are often from 200,000 to 2,000,000 euros.


5) Unilend

Unilend is not a crowd lending platform that caters to SMEs. The financing options available to companies are from 20,000 to 250,000 euros. This amount can be paid back from 2 to 5 years. The backers can set their desired interest rate. They get paid back on a monthly basis. In one year from its inception, this crowdfunding platform helped SMEs to borrow 6.5 million euros from 2,600 lenders.

These crowdfunding platforms are the tip of the iceberg in the start-up financing arena in France. The best way to start is possibly to measure your fundraising potential. Please find the type form here to estimate your fundraising potential.